Marjan Nagtegaal(education Royal academie of Art in the Hague) makes large paintings with acrylic paint ,oilpaint and mixed media on canvas. In addition she uses monotype to bring about structures on the canvas. She also makes watercolors on paper.The  main topics are the vulnerable human being and the empty landscape.

On the right site you can click on EXHIBITIONS to see the main exhibitions from the past few years

On the right side you also can click on GALLERYthere you can watch the paintings,which are divided into a number of catagory,s. By clicking on a catagory you will see which paintings are still available and contact her. In her studio/gallery you always can look at the paintings and even take them home to see if it fits in the interior.Follow me on instagram(Marjan Nagtegaal) en facebook (atelier Marjan Nagtegaal)